Responsible Gambling at Betvisa: A Guide for Members

Betvisa’s main goal is to create a safe gambling environment where everyone can enjoy betting while adhering to the principles of responsible behaviour. While gambling is an exciting and rewarding activity, for vulnerable users it can lead to gambling addiction and a range of problems, including financial problems.

The Betvisa team sees betting as a source of positive emotions, not as a way to make money, deal with stress or depression. Enjoy the game responsibly and don’t let it take over your emotions. Users who require additional support can contact the Betvisa team at any convenient time.

Below are the precautions you need to take when playing on the platform:

  • Protection of minors. The company does not allow persons under 18 years of age to participate in betting and does not offer other services to minors. Advertising and marketing campaigns are aimed at attracting adult audiences only.
  • Data Security. If minors are using your computer, make sure they do not have access to your banking information, credentials from betting sites. Use software like NetNanny and Cyber Patrol to restrict access to gambling.
  • Age verification. Betvisa staff regularly carry out checks to verify the age of players. This ensures that users do not include minors.
  • Honest advertising. Advertising campaigns do not contain false information about products or services. The Betvisa administration informs the audience of the risks and chances of winning and does not encourage excessive financial expenditure on bets.

Self-exclusion and Limits

Betvisa offers a voluntary self-exclusion service for those who wish to limit their gambling activity. If necessary, a limit on bets and deposits can be set or the account can be blocked for a certain period. After the specified period has expired, the account will be reactivated.

Tips for Responsible Gaming

Playing on the Betvisa platform is for entertainment purposes only. Use the guidelines provided to prevent you from getting too carried away with your bets:

  • Do not view gambling as a way to make money;
  • Only play with money you can afford to lose;
  • Don’t try to get even at all costs;
  • Set limits on financial spending and the length of gaming sessions;
  • Do not play if you are depressed, upset or under the influence of psychotropic drugs;
  • Maintain a healthy balance between play and other activities.

Signs of Gambling Problems

You can recognise gambling problems by these signs:

  • Constant thoughts of entertainment;
  • Rising costs of betting;
  • Exceeding financial spending limits;
  • Difficulties in controlling play activity;
  • The feeling of emptiness at not having access to bets;
  • The sale of property for the purpose of raising money for the game;
  • Arranging credits to continue the game;
  • Neglecting other responsibilities (work, school, family) for the sake of the game;
  • Guilt and increased irritability;
  • Deterioration of relationships with family and friends;
  • Concealment of money spent on gambling entertainment;
  • Using play as a way of escaping from problems;
  • Suicidal thoughts caused by gambling addiction.

Asking for Help

If you or a loved one is struggling with a gambling addiction, don’t hesitate to get help. Betvisa is always available to support users via [email protected] or live chat.

Betvisa is committed to providing a safe and responsible online environment for everyone involved in the gambling process. By following these guidelines and tips, you will be able to enjoy your betting whilst maintaining control of your finances and looking after your wellbeing.